Open heart surgery.

Little job for MacMum. Reports of printer printing faint. New toner didn’t help so a bit of open heart surgery later (stripped it down and cleaned all the optics) MacMum’s printer lives to print another day..

It’s been a while….

…but mac-mann has been upgraded to ubuntu 18 LTS! The automated update didn’t go too well and broke Apache. However it was quick to spin up a new VM on the Mac-Mann cloud. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates.


Busman’s Holiday

Its been a busy week so far at…the website is now running on a LAMP cluster with MySQL replication. Not bad for £120 in raspberry pi’s.

I have also installed VMWare ESX on my mac pro tower and P2V’d my ubuntu NAS and the original web server.

Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂


Its been an interesting week. Today I set up an AFP server with NETATALK on ubuntu and a bit of SAMBA. This now means that the old world MACS and new school MACS have a share that can be read from and written to. I used this guide here:

For my next trick, I have bought a raspberry pi which I am going to set up as a NAS for my MAC and PC friends.

PowerBook G3

Below is a picture of my DTP powerhouse – the G3 powerbook. I am going to be running pagemaker and photoshop on it as well as connecting the scanner direct. Running OS 9.2 it is even possible to connect to the internet. 🙂