Elsie 475

This is Elsie the LC475 (get it?) purchased on ebay on a whim this machine is the mac idiots test bed.

LaserWriter Select 360

Here’s how we get from screen to print over our local talk network. This laserwriter is actually the best bits of two broken ones from ebay.

Cautionary tale is that toner is very hard to come by for these machines and the ones I have been able to obtain have been faulty due to the length of time they have been around.

PowerMAC 4k??

Just had to share this…my powermac 7600 with a G3 upgrade running on my 4k lounge telly over VGA.. I used to use this as my Appletalk bridge machine until I got my Asante Talk.

A good day at the office.

Today we did something rather special. My boss Phil owns a MAC SE and remembers a game called Dark Castle from his student days. So I made a SCSI zip disk bootable to OS 6 and installed DC on it. Stay tuned for more updates on Phil’s mac as he’s looking in to an SD Flash based floppy drive emulator.

Hello world!

Charting my successes (and failures) with my apple devices. Stay tuned for How-to and tidbits of info. 🙂